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I need to stop doing memes, y/n?

You guys must be uber-tired of these from me, but. XD; OKAY, this is almost like recycling an old meme, too! Only... a bit different and because I never finished my old one, feel free to... ask again. @_@ Expecially since I'll be doing a lot more than last time, fact-wise...


Tell me the name of a character in Tsubasa, Reborn, Ouran, Petshop of Horrors, Tokyo Godfathers, Versus, RENT, or Neverwhere, and I'll tell you about the quirks and stuff of my fanon versions of them.




MOST POINTLESS POST EVER but I had this pointed out to me and it had to be shared.

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It's weird looking back at the first few chapters of Reborn, wow. The art has improved so much, I almost forgot what it used to look like. Reading the newer chapters, everyone's designs are so much cleaner, and I think whoever pointed out that she's putting a lot more detail into it is very much right. The hair on that new kid is crazy pretty.

... And I guess as this is basically a Reborn post and we just got spoilers, something needs to be said on them. ... Lol trap. |D
... I really want to see Higurashi now. XD;;; I GUESS I KNOW WHAT MY NEXT ANIME (after Princess Tutu) IS GOING TO END UP BEING.

Also, I've been watching Gakuen Alice, too, because my friend Jen has me watching a few episodes every time we hang out. OH MY GOD IT'S ADORABLE AND HILARIOUS. I think it's made me go "awwwwwwwwww~!!!" and crack up more than any other anime ever, often at the same time! Mikan is adorable, Iinchou is somehow EVEN MORE SO, Hotaru is the most amazing girl ever and Natsume is a wonderful bastard and Ruka-pyon and Permy and Jin-Jin and that time-trip teacher and foxyface kid ajfhakj ALL OF THE CHARACTERS EVER ARE AWESOME. ... Also, Andou is Lambo, only cooler. :| I will accept no arguments. Also also, Narumi-sensei is totally Tamaki, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, no one can not-agree with this assessment ajhkajf. ;;;; Win teacher is win.

What else, um. ...

... ... ...

Okay, so, it's a bad sign when basically all I'm doing is sitting, trying to think of things to write (I need to do drabblessssss DX), and then realize... I've refreshed both my Friends Page and the major communities I belong to like a hundred times in the past ten minutes.

So FINALLY, I give a big shout-out hello to all my new friends. HEY GUYS, yeahhhh it took me forever to update, it always does. But it's still nice to have you all!

As a hello, and a gesture of goodwill, not to mention an god-I'm-bored gesture and a gesture of "holy shit I need to actually get something written again, but I'm too cheap to do drabbles, especially when I haven't finished the ones I should be working on DX DX DX"...


Give me a prompt and a pairing or character (crossovers are okay) and I'll write you one sentence about said prompt and pairing/characters.


Choose a number between 1 and 385. I will upload the corresponding song from my playlist and give it to you. Then post this meme into your own journal.

Have fun, all~ X3

Also holy shit, paid account and icon space, I had no idea how much I'd miss you until you were gone. D: gsjgkshkjafh faiiiiil.
I'll make the case point by point, and I will try to be polite, keep any rudeness out, and not try to start a wankfight. Even people who disagree a lot can have civil discussions if we want to, right?

Long post is long. Most people can ignore this, plz.Collapse )

PS: This is addressed to one person, it's just that I felt it needed written and just found out, after finishing the whole thing, that the journal in question (or at least the entry) has disabled anonymous and non-friend posting. Soooo yeah, lotsa tl;dr up there.

On the goooooood Ship~ MEME

Stolen from alys_wonder!


1. Kurogane/Fay D. Flourite (Yuuy) (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles)
2. Belphegor/Hayato Gokudera (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
3. Leon Orcot/Count D (Petshop of Horrors)
4. Simon/Viral (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
5. The marquis de Carabas/Richard Mayhew (Neverwhere)
6. Captain Jas. Hook (aka James Matthew Bastard/Peter Pan (Capt. Hook and Peter Pan XD; NOT both from Peter Pan canon~)

(I have so, so many more pairings than this, I hated breaking it down T_T;;; Like nine more I could have used...)


7. Angel/Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
8. Vash the Stampede/Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun)
9. Yuuy/Fay (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles)


10. Hideaki Asaba/Soichiro Arima (Kare Kano)
11. Alucard/Paladin Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)
12. Koutarou Kobayashi/Tamayo Kizaki (Angelic Layer)


13. adult!Reborn/adult!Lambo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
14. Jai/Joey (Interworld)

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I- I had to do this. Hooray for plotting out brand spankin' new roleplays. 8D

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO! The weirdest OTP from Reborn! ever, and my current favorite from the series. X3

But it'll be fun! No, wait. I mean it'll get us killed.Collapse )

.zip File Downloads Here:

Sendspace | Megaupload | YouSendIt

Lemme know if the time ever runs out on these files and I'll reupload for you~

~ - ~ - ~

(Ending Note: Yes, Youtube videos were included with all of these. This is so if people want to hear a song before downloading it, they can see if they want it or not 8D The two kinda-exceptions are "Getting Away With Murder" and "Perfect Enemy," which have Reborn! AMVs to them that help illustrate just how well they fit. :3 Enjoy!)

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A meme and a quiz!

Stolen from xxtakusenxx
"For the first three people that reply to me and re-post this challenge, I will send you something. It might be something I've made, or something cool from my hidden stash, it might be a mix CD, or a rubber duck, a book I think you will enjoy, or something else that is awesome. Whatever it is, I promise that I will get it to you in 365 days or fewer. The only thing you need to do in order to participate is to be one of the first three to reply to this, AND post this very same thing on YOUR LiveJournal - cause it's fun to give people stuff."

So okay guys... reply! I think sending out random things might actually be pretty cool. 83 Sounds like it could be fun anyway~

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Also, lookit lookit guys, free Gurren Lagann OSTs. 83~ They have the best track listing EVER. No joke XDDDDDDDD LISTEN TO IT AND BLOW AWAY YOUR EARS WITH THE INSANE GREAT GURREN-DAN THEME!! Sendspace and Megaupload for your convenience!

(And yes guys, I'm still looking for that Neverwhere stuff. >: I'll find it soon, I promise~ I just need to, er, unearth it! 8D;;;)


Neverwhere FST Version 1.0! Huzzah!

... I have just created the first ever Neverwhere FST. I don't think it's really all that great, but I do love the songs and am happy to share them, so take a look! Again, let me know if there's ever any problem with the downloads or if they expire, and I'll re-upload them for you. Also, think I should cross-post this at fst or any of the Neil Gaiman/Neverwhere communities? Or, um. Not? :x

She believes in everything, and everyone and you and yours and mine...Collapse )

I don't have much else to say this FST around, either. XD; I need to be writing more fiction, especially for the challenges at the kuroxfai community, but... any ideas I have right now, all the things I'm inspired to write, are Neverwhere. How did I get back on this kick again...? Who knows? More importantly, who cares? XD; I just need to get something written, I'm atrophying here.

In explanation... Well, Ann Coulter's second-newest book is popular. It's called Godless: The Church of Liberalism and there's about eight copies of it in our bookstore. Doesn't sound like a lot, but keep in mind this is in the politics section, where a lot of books are lucky to have two. Eight is quite a lot for that section, rivalled only by books enthusing or deriding Presidents, ex-Presidents, or Presidentail candidates. It doesn't seem to matter to the majority of people that everything Coulter says is smug, self-serving, and unabashedly abusive.

Out of 937 customer reviews, 496--over half--give it five stars. A little over half of that, 266 people, gave it only one star, including liberals, atheists, sane people, and ALSO Republicans who think she's a nutjob who's making their side look bad.

From the one-star, aka sane people, we have the ones who respond with just as much (although way more understandable) venom and derisiveness: "If you like ignorant, arrogant, hatefilled tantrums from a little spoiled blonde who never was refused anything she wanted and never had to grow up and to this day is spoiled and a total brat just like GW Bush, then this is your cup of tea, for the rest of us, it is just another unmitigated cup of crap by republican bigoted churchies."

We also have those who use logic--"Ann Coulter's stock-in-trade is the tiresome kind of hypercontentious political patter in which meanness sometimes passes for humor. The overall theme of "Godless" likens liberalism to a religion in the sense that certain principles are taken on faith and declared inviolate, whether or not they are justified by actual facts and circumstances. Although it must have occurred to Coulter that her own faith (Christianity) is burdened by a much older, more pervasive, and far more historically harmful version of the same problem, she elected not to mention such an inconvenient truth." And, perhaps my favorite review of anything ever:

"Miss Coulter is angry and starved for attention. This book is a manifestation of her mean-spirited partisanship, the type that still clings to the failed neocon policies of G. W. Bush. As has been pointed out in previous reviews, her "endnotes" are inaccurate, her allegations are often baseless, and her so-called "facts" are oftentimes nothing more than right-wing talking points.

It's hard to imagine why she is so angry and distraught over America's current condition. After all, her sacred Republican Party has held the White House for all but 12 years since 1968. And since 1994, the congress has been in the hands of the religious right. And yet, here's Coulter, trying to blame all of our nation's social ills on whoever she deems as "liberal." What have the Republicans been doing over that vast span of time, if not addressing the very real social problems we face? What other priorities have taken precedence? Where have they budgeted the trillions in taxpayer dollars that could have gone into improving our schools, rebuilding the infrastructure, and keeping our economy strong and vibrant? Who has driven our country deeply into debt, especially to the Chinese Communists?

Why doesn't Ms Coulter address any of these salient points instead of trying to further divide a population that's growing sick of partisan bickering and no-compromise "leadership."

It would seem to me that any rational individual could see through her smokescreen of indignation and her strawman arguments.

Ann, here's fifty dollars. Please buy a clue."

I think that person should win money, instead of giving it away to someone so brainless.

Unfortunately, people like these are outnumbered by a great deal of people who are utterly impressed with Ann's hatemongering, gleeful urgings to oppress the public, and literally comparing all liberals to evil devil-worshipers who want (not unknowingly lead us towards, but actively aspire to) wipe out and damn all of humanity. People who don't get that her argument of liberalism being a "religion," which is basically that any opinion any human being holds that has evidence that they can point to and other people who agree with them is a religion, is utterly retarded. I'm amazing people even give this book the time of day, and breathtakingly disappointed by the fact that most of them seem to cheer this tripe on.

Before anyone gets confused or thinks this is just a political post of a liberal person going "OMG CONSERVATIVE BASHING ME LEMME BASH BACK," lemme give a few quotes to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ms. Coulter is, simply put, batshit insane and arguably an utterly horrible person:

Rest of this behind the cut, this may depress any sane person =_=Collapse )

And this woman... It seems that around two-thirds of the people who listen to her and read her books agree with her. I am honestly starting to worry about this society.

Of course, with my pesky Loev of Free Speech, I acknowledge that the woman has a right to write any book she wants, and to have it on any bookshelf that'll put it up if any publisher'll take it. I'm not going to be like one of my coworkers, whose response to the Hitchens book is to say she wants to take it off all the shelves and burn it, as if atheists should not even be allowed to make their arguments and state their opinions. What makes me sad is that there are publishers who do agree to publish her tripe, booksellers willing to stock it (and indeed, overly-promote it), and a great deal of people who hang on her every word, applauding.

One thing that makes me feel better is that God Is Not Great, for all the backlash it's getting, has a rating that matches Coulter's, and the majority of its readers have five-starred it as well.

As an extra little something... quizzeses!Collapse )

All of these quizzes I got from The Atheist Experience, which is a damn good site for those non-religious of you, and hopefully thought-provoking if you are. Go visit. ♥


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